Enjoy Other Women While Staying Faithful to Your Spouse

We may not like to admit it, but every once in a while men like to let their minds and eyes wander onto other women. It’s not that they want to cheat or to walk away from their wife or close girlfriend. It is simply a matter of finding attraction with the beauty of another woman.

Maybe their wife simply isn’t dressing to try to attract you anymore. Maybe they aren’t seductive anymore or they simply aren’t as attractive as they were when you first met them. It’s a common complaint from many men.

Fortunately, there’s the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of some of the most gorgeous women that you have ever seen without you having to worry about doing a single thing to threaten your relationship with your wife. What you need to do is enjoy the nackte frauen kostenlos and videos that you can find on our site of women who would love to show off for you and have you gaze upon their beautiful bodies as they make you feel important and special.

Here you will find thousands of pictures of beautiful women as they strip, caress themselves, and pleasure their bodies in ways that will leave you drooling and aroused. You can also spend a little time watching one of these beautiful models as she undresses for you and pleasures your body. All the while she is talking to you and performing to your pleasures.

There’s no physical contact. No reason for you to feel like you are doing anything unfaithful to your spouse. You’re simply enjoying a beautiful woman, who wants to please you, and makes you aroused so that you can enjoy your wife and your marriage while also being able to enjoy beautiful women. It’s the perfect opportunity to have both worlds at your disposal.


What is hentai?

If you ever wondered what the hell is hentai, well, let me tell you – hentai is like anime but porn. That’s right! It’s not safe for work or kids. Hentai are very popular because fantasy reaches beyond the core of the universe.

Imagine your favourite anime like Bleach or Naruto. You know that, escially Naruto, features hot girls. Now imagine if you could see them having sex? Hentai allows that. As a matter of fact, there are small studios in Japan that create hentai. Not only do they base their hentai on popular anime or manga, they also create their own with their own unique storylines.

One sample is Bible Black which is great! In order to attain power, a girl sacrifices six or so girls. However, one of the “victims” becomes all powerful girl. She has a dick. Right! SHE HAS A DICK!

So she becomes like hermaphrodite. She has both – vagina and dick. She actually looks like a normal girl however, she can take a dick out of her vagina at her will. She is also a sex maniac and she likes fucking girls with her massive dick.

This hentai is great visually. All the girls in the series are so gorgeous, it’s crazy. They are all in high-school outfit and all girls have big tits. This hentai may not be good for those who love sex scenes with lots of tentacles. This hentai is more realistic but I find it very cool anyway.

So, if you are still wondering what the hell hentai is, just know this – it’s animated pornography. There are probably as many hentai videos than there are actual porn videos. I sometimes prefer hentai over traditional porn because you almost always get girls with huge tits and nice ass kissing and licking each other. Some hentai videos feature girls with dicks fucking other “normal” girls. That is cool!


Society got it wrong about sex

Most people think that we, humans, are society of honesty, trustworhiness and gentliness. However, the fact is, we are people with animal instincts and desires.

The most annoying thing is that people say that sex is bad and they try not to teach their kids anything about it until it’s usually too late.

Significantly older friend of mine told me a shocking news the other day – his daughter was pregnant at 16. Why, do you ask? Obviously she had unprotected sex with a douche bag who refuses to take responsibility for the act. Now, look, if you tought your kids about sex from age 10 or so, I am certain that no such mishap would happen. At least not as often as these days. Kids aren’t taught about sex protection, yet, they are very curious to try it out … and who could blame them?

Anyway, due to my work in escort seo industry, I must tell you that sex is not all that bad! I mean, I talk to many escort ladies who provide sex legally. THey say that most of their clients are actually nice people … like you and me. So why the fuck should we keep shut about sex? Everybody wants sex. Everybody desires sex. It’s human nature to have sex to reproduce. Without sex there would be no new life. With no sex humanity would die off eventurally … probably within 50-100 years.

So I am really pissed off at the society and governments that pose such “rules”. Sex is bad. Nobody should talk about sex. Sex is for sinners. Even religions are against it, yet, true spirituals teachers are encouraging sex. So, I, just like greatest spiritual teachers and gurus, would like to encourage to have sex, pleasure and relaxation. Obviously, you must have protected one unless you truly wish to pro-create.

A Guide To Sexting To Help You Make The Most Out Of It

Sexting is a pure art and skill that you can use to tease as well as arouse your partner and keep him excited all day long. Those people who are already in a relationship, or just have started their relationship or want to get in a relationship can prefer to do sexting. Sexting is actually sex texting that you can do with your partner or with some other person. In sexting, people share their personal explicit emotions and fantasies with other people. They can simply share their feelings with the help of text message or by sending an explicit image or video of themselves. But with sexting, there are some points that you can consider while making your experience even more interactive and safe.

Plan ahead: Everything needs planning to execute it successfully; same is the case with sexting. Before sexting to anyone, you need to first plan your execution and be ready for the result of it. Sexting does happen spontaneously, but you can plan it also. Before sexting you need to think about the impact of your messages on that person and what will be the outcome of those messages. You just cannot sext anyone. There are some rules that need to be followed during sexting so it is better to first plan the things and then execute it.

Expess yourself: Sexting is all about expressing yourself and your feeling and moods to the other person. Instead of face to face interaction, sexting provides you with the sharing of your emotional thoughts with your partner. For those who just got into the relationship and feel embarrassment while sharing their naughty thoughts, sexting is the perfect way to express your desires with your partner. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself while sexting, just let the things go normally. Most of the people try to make things look more attractive and catchy and this is where they make mistakes.


FTV Milf is the new sexy

Hi. So if you ever wonder what FTV or Milf stood for, I will briefly explain it to you in this post. FTV has a few meaning in pornography – it could stand for First Time Virgin which means you watch someone losing their virginity. FTV could also mean Fuck the vagina which means sex contains fucking in the vagina instead of anal sex. However, this post is all about First Time Video (FTV). There are many women who love sex (I mean, come on, who doesn’t like sex?) but they don’t like being filming.

OK but what the hell is MILF? MILF stands for Mother I’d Like to Fuck. These are hot matured women who already have kids, yet, look very attractive, usually with big boobs, etc … Most of these ladies are 35+ years old which means they already had sex (just the fact that she has a kid means that she was fucked at least once).

So, how is it that FTV Milfs are the new sexy? Now imagine a very beautiful matured woman who is 30+ years old. Her face is pretty. She has decent size tits, hard nipples and very nice ass. As mentioned eariler, we know that she has had sex before because she is the mother. But now she is filming while having sex. Being filmed for the first time could be very daunting thing to do. Now imagine such hot lady being a little shy in front of the camera, yet, very experienced in giving a blow job, hand job or whatever.

There are some websites that uplaod such videos where porn-star-to-be is being filmed for the first time. Unlike hardcore porn videos, these FTVs start slowly, building up the tension between the porn stars. They usually start with kissing and making out and then slowly move onto actual sex acts.


Watching porn online

Watching porn online is a very common activity. You can watch porn online on many websites. Most of the websites are free but they might not be showing everything. They might show segments of the full video and then try to make you follow to the full website where they might charge you to access full video.

However, there are other premium websites where you have to pay subscription fee on monthly or yearly basis to access a boat load of x videos. These are always full movies. Those videos can be as long as a full movie – 2 hours long or even longer. Others might be shorter.

There are many websites that provide porn videos for free. Some of these include Red Tube and XXX Vids. You can find just about any niche of porn in these websites. Do you like lesbian action? No problem. Do you like gay or shemale videos? No problem. Do you love threesome or orgies? Not a problem.

However, there some premium websites that actually offer niche specific porn. For example, there are websites that have thousands of videos of lesbian pornography. There are also sites dedicated to providing shemale or gay action. All you need to do is search on Google and you will find just about anything you want.

Then there are other websites where you can actually buy a single porn video for a certain amount of money. These are usually full length movies with a lot of porn action. These are usually in HD format and feature some hardcore action. These are the kind of high quality videos that you will not find online for free.

Pornography is very popular because when we watch them, we feel aroused. This is a nice feeling and then people masturbate to end their porn session.


Shemale – perfect sex partner

In this post I will talk about your perfect sex partner from a man’s perspective. Imagine having sex with a perfect partner – beautiful face, juicy lips, huge tits, a hole to put your cock in and a cock because you have always wandered what it feels like to suck a dick and having a dick in your ass.

Shemale is exactly that – a woman who will usually have a perfect face (especially Brasilian shemales), massive tits, big cock and an ass hole. You will be able to experience sex like never before. Trying things that you have never tried before. Shemales are usually experienced in sex and they will give you pleasures beyond imagination.

Do you want your cock sucked off? Not a problem. Do you want to put your cock in ass? Not a problem. Do you want to suck cock? Not a problem. Do you want to have a cock in your ass? Not a problem. What about a hand job, a blow job, boob job? None of these are problem when having sex with a shemale. The only problem is your imagination!

You would not want to suck another man’s cock but this is a girl! This makes all the difference! She looks exactly like a girl but she has a huge bonus – a massive cock. That can go down deep in your ass or throat. Shemales are also really good at giving a blow job. Or hand job. Or boob job. Whatever you prefer, you will get it at the highest quality.

In case you are out of ideas of what you can do with shemales, you can always look at shemale xxx videos and you will see so many different things you can do in bed with your shemale sex partner. Oh boy, there are shit loads of things to do!


Choosing Independent Escort Or Agency: What Is What

When it comes to escort services all of us have two alternatives. The first one is an independent escort girl and the second one is an agency. In short words, the agency is a much better choice, and now you will see why.

Escort agency: Possibilities and more possibilities

Escort agencies are the best choice due to a simple reason. You will be able to choose between plenty of girls. It isn’t difficult to find the one you like and the one that meets all your requirements. For example, the link here will show you the possibilities you will have. All of them have one thing in common. All of them are beautiful and sexy.

Agencies also offer different prices, suitable for your specific budget. The main addition is the safety you are guaranteed to get. All girls are licensed, aged 18 or above and all of them are experienced. The bottom line is if you choose an agency, you won’t have any issues and you will get a great time.

Independent escort

First of all, independent escort girls are hard to find. They work in specialized circles and unless you have someone to recommend a girl to you, don’t try this alternative! Then we have a fake photos issue, which is common as well. You will see a photo and choose a girl, but the real girl will be something completely different. The price is usually higher as well, and most of these girls will be ready for simpler activities which are not enough for most clients.

There is one advantage, however. If you fall for that girl, if you like it so much that you ‘’want to spend the rest of life with her’’ there is no other choice. This is actually the only reason why some people choose independent escort girls.

Live like a Swinger

Related imageDo you know about the Swingers their lifestyle who they are, how they live and most importantly what they do? Swingers are one of us who are not committed to anyone in their life, they just wanted to fling around and opt for different partners at the same time. They do not get engage in any kind of emotional attachment with their partners but just meet them for entertainment and their journey is like never ending.

Swingers have been one of the best entertainer:

Some of the people also remain in the search of Swingers as they do not want to share their feelings to anyone else and they find them quite suitable to let the know what they want if this is the situation with you and you are one of the shy type person. Then no worries you can search on internet about one of the sex clubs that is situated in your town or at nearby place and then you can make your visit to the place.

After your visit to the place you will definitely found Swingers around and you can share your details to call them up at your place, rather if you have been to a swingers club you will also find couple of rom there that are made so that your kind of people can have fun with your chosen partners.

Isn’t it sound exciting to you too, so do make the entertainment more spiced up if you like the performance of one of the Swinger then definitely you will love others as well. So, do not feel shy to contact them as they are there to help you out and take you to from your shell. So, do make a decision and step out to follow your heart for once and all.

Traditional Societies and Swingers

Related imageIn the pre-Islamic Arabia, lending of the wife was a practice wherein the husbands would allow their wives to love the men of distinction for producing noble offspring. The husband who renounced when his wife lived with some other man would then be considered as the father of the child as per the societal norms. This practice got forbidden after Islam arrived and was considered an adultery form. In Africa, spouse trading temporarily is practiced as an element of a ceremony initiation in the Lemba secret society in French Congo by ‘wife exchange’. Inuit trading of the wife has been commented on and reported quite often. Temporary lending of was, in fact, more common among the Aleuts than the Eskimos. Many motivations for the temporary spouse-trading between the Inuit have been recommended.

Aleut and Inuit Wife Trading Ritual: The Swingers

Some motivations are:

  • At shaman, that is the prompting of anekok, as a magical ceremony for achieving better weather for expeditions in hunting.
  • As a regular feature of annual ‘Bladder Festival’
  • For the man who visits without his wife, under the promise that he will make his own wife available for the host in future whenever the host would come and visit him as an erstwhile guest.

A very socially- circumscribed and specialized form of sharing of the wife was practiced among the Inuit. At the time hunters were away, they would very commonly topple into the tribes’ tribal lands and become the subject of death for the infraction and violation. However, when they showed the relationship by an ethic of a man, grandfather or father who had sex with their mother, wife or female relatives, the nomadic hunter was then taken as a family. The Inuit had particular language and terminology which described the complicated relations which emerged from the practice of sharing of a wife.