FTV Milf is the new sexy

Hi. So if you ever wonder what FTV or Milf stood for, I will briefly explain it to you in this post. FTV has a few meaning in pornography – it could stand for First Time Virgin which means you watch someone losing their virginity. FTV could also mean Fuck the vagina which means sex contains fucking in the vagina instead of anal sex. However, this post is all about First Time Video (FTV). There are many women who love sex (I mean, come on, who doesn’t like sex?) but they don’t like being filming.

OK but what the hell is MILF? MILF stands for Mother I’d Like to Fuck. These are hot matured women who already have kids, yet, look very attractive, usually with big boobs, etc … Most of these ladies are 35+ years old which means they already had sex (just the fact that she has a kid means that she was fucked at least once).

So, how is it that FTV Milfs are the new sexy? Now imagine a very beautiful matured woman who is 30+ years old. Her face is pretty. She has decent size tits, hard nipples and very nice ass. As mentioned eariler, we know that she has had sex before because she is the mother. But now she is filming while having sex. Being filmed for the first time could be very daunting thing to do. Now imagine such hot lady being a little shy in front of the camera, yet, very experienced in giving a blow job, hand job or whatever.

There are some websites that uplaod such videos where porn-star-to-be is being filmed for the first time. Unlike hardcore porn videos, these FTVs start slowly, building up the tension between the porn stars. They usually start with kissing and making out and then slowly move onto actual sex acts.


Watching porn online

Watching porn online is a very common activity. You can watch porn online on many websites. Most of the websites are free but they might not be showing everything. They might show segments of the full video and then try to make you follow to the full website where they might charge you to access full video.

However, there are other premium websites where you have to pay subscription fee on monthly or yearly basis to access a boat load of x videos. These are always full movies. Those videos can be as long as a full movie – 2 hours long or even longer. Others might be shorter.

There are many websites that provide porn videos for free. Some of these include Red Tube and XXX Vids. You can find just about any niche of porn in these websites. Do you like lesbian action? No problem. Do you like gay or shemale videos? No problem. Do you love threesome or orgies? Not a problem.

However, there some premium websites that actually offer niche specific porn. For example, there are websites that have thousands of videos of lesbian pornography. There are also sites dedicated to providing shemale or gay action. All you need to do is search on Google and you will find just about anything you want.

Then there are other websites where you can actually buy a single porn video for a certain amount of money. These are usually full length movies with a lot of porn action. These are usually in HD format and feature some hardcore action. These are the kind of high quality videos that you will not find online for free.

Pornography is very popular because when we watch them, we feel aroused. This is a nice feeling and then people masturbate to end their porn session.


Shemale – perfect sex partner

In this post I will talk about your perfect sex partner from a man’s perspective. Imagine having sex with a perfect partner – beautiful face, juicy lips, huge tits, a hole to put your cock in and a cock because you have always wandered what it feels like to suck a dick and having a dick in your ass.

Shemale is exactly that – a woman who will usually have a perfect face (especially Brasilian shemales), massive tits, big cock and an ass hole. You will be able to experience sex like never before. Trying things that you have never tried before. Shemales are usually experienced in sex and they will give you pleasures beyond imagination.

Do you want your cock sucked off? Not a problem. Do you want to put your cock in ass? Not a problem. Do you want to suck cock? Not a problem. Do you want to have a cock in your ass? Not a problem. What about a hand job, a blow job, boob job? None of these are problem when having sex with a shemale. The only problem is your imagination!

You would not want to suck another man’s cock but this is a girl! This makes all the difference! She looks exactly like a girl but she has a huge bonus – a massive cock. That can go down deep in your ass or throat. Shemales are also really good at giving a blow job. Or hand job. Or boob job. Whatever you prefer, you will get it at the highest quality.

In case you are out of ideas of what you can do with shemales, you can always look at shemale xxx videos and you will see so many different things you can do in bed with your shemale sex partner. Oh boy, there are shit loads of things to do!


Choosing Independent Escort Or Agency: What Is What

When it comes to escort services all of us have two alternatives. The first one is an independent escort girl and the second one is an agency. In short words, the agency is a much better choice, and now you will see why.

Escort agency: Possibilities and more possibilities

Escort agencies are the best choice due to a simple reason. You will be able to choose between plenty of girls. It isn’t difficult to find the one you like and the one that meets all your requirements. For example, the link here will show you the possibilities you will have. All of them have one thing in common. All of them are beautiful and sexy.

Agencies also offer different prices, suitable for your specific budget. The main addition is the safety you are guaranteed to get. All girls are licensed, aged 18 or above and all of them are experienced. The bottom line is if you choose an agency, you won’t have any issues and you will get a great time.

Independent escort

First of all, independent escort girls are hard to find. They work in specialized circles and unless you have someone to recommend a girl to you, don’t try this alternative! Then we have a fake photos issue, which is common as well. You will see a photo and choose a girl, but the real girl will be something completely different. The price is usually higher as well, and most of these girls will be ready for simpler activities which are not enough for most clients.

There is one advantage, however. If you fall for that girl, if you like it so much that you ‘’want to spend the rest of life with her’’ there is no other choice. This is actually the only reason why some people choose independent escort girls.

Live like a Swinger

Related imageDo you know about the Swingers their lifestyle who they are, how they live and most importantly what they do? Swingers are one of us who are not committed to anyone in their life, they just wanted to fling around and opt for different partners at the same time. They do not get engage in any kind of emotional attachment with their partners but just meet them for entertainment and their journey is like never ending.

Swingers have been one of the best entertainer:

Some of the people also remain in the search of Swingers as they do not want to share their feelings to anyone else and they find them quite suitable to let the know what they want if this is the situation with you and you are one of the shy type person. Then no worries you can search on internet about one of the sex clubs that is situated in your town or at nearby place and then you can make your visit to the place.

After your visit to the place you will definitely found Swingers around and you can share your details to call them up at your place, rather if you have been to a swingers club you will also find couple of rom there that are made so that your kind of people can have fun with your chosen partners.

Isn’t it sound exciting to you too, so do make the entertainment more spiced up if you like the performance of one of the Swinger then definitely you will love others as well. So, do not feel shy to contact them as they are there to help you out and take you to from your shell. So, do make a decision and step out to follow your heart for once and all.

Traditional Societies and Swingers

Related imageIn the pre-Islamic Arabia, lending of the wife was a practice wherein the husbands would allow their wives to love the men of distinction for producing noble offspring. The husband who renounced when his wife lived with some other man would then be considered as the father of the child as per the societal norms. This practice got forbidden after Islam arrived and was considered an adultery form. In Africa, spouse trading temporarily is practiced as an element of a ceremony initiation in the Lemba secret society in French Congo by ‘wife exchange’. Inuit trading of the wife has been commented on and reported quite often. Temporary lending of was, in fact, more common among the Aleuts than the Eskimos. Many motivations for the temporary spouse-trading between the Inuit have been recommended.

Aleut and Inuit Wife Trading Ritual: The Swingers

Some motivations are:

  • At shaman, that is the prompting of anekok, as a magical ceremony for achieving better weather for expeditions in hunting.
  • As a regular feature of annual ‘Bladder Festival’
  • For the man who visits without his wife, under the promise that he will make his own wife available for the host in future whenever the host would come and visit him as an erstwhile guest.

A very socially- circumscribed and specialized form of sharing of the wife was practiced among the Inuit. At the time hunters were away, they would very commonly topple into the tribes’ tribal lands and become the subject of death for the infraction and violation. However, when they showed the relationship by an ethic of a man, grandfather or father who had sex with their mother, wife or female relatives, the nomadic hunter was then taken as a family. The Inuit had particular language and terminology which described the complicated relations which emerged from the practice of sharing of a wife.

Be the best in your peers with the Flingbook

Related imageIf we talk about girls and boys, then you will get to know that there many who isn’t able to reach the people because of the fear of rejection. The fear of getting rejected makes them end up with nothing in their hand as they never try to approach them too.


We have a Solution!


These books are an awesome solution to all you sex dating needs. If you are one of the people, then we have a solution for you, “Flingbook”. The book will guide you from step to step how to reach the people you are attracted to and how you can reach them in an effective manner. The book is like a guide to take your interest to the next level.


With the help of the Flingbook, you will never end up being a loser, rather than you will become a person that will be admired by others and the people will be seeking to your advice about from where you have learned such an art. It’s good to be the hero around and that too with substance the book will act as a mentor for you and give you the privilege so that you never fail in your quest to have a perfect partner beside you. Then what are you waiting for this book is the only savior you have nobody else. MIND IT and do make your choice now for the best possible solution available.


Do not live a life of a loser rather give words to your choice and let the people know who are you. The Flingbook will give you confidence once you start climbing the stairs of success and will definitely refer others to read too. The book is perfect in giving the people pleasure that they are deprived off for a long time, so once you get the attention enjoy it and relish the best of the time with your partner!

Anonymous Dating On Adult Dating Websites

Related imageThe apps which let you browse other hot singles in your area anonymously are exactly what you need! There’s no need to fill in the boring fields. You should just be able to upload your sexy selfie and a little about yourself, maybe and you should be good to go! After all, why do you even need to describe and add all the unnecessary information when all you want is a casual hookup? All you need is to have fun! In this busy life, no one has time now to sit and search all day long for a hookup partner and chat. No one has time to fill in the long and tedious forms about themselves. Aren’t you rushing from the words to deeds? Anonymous apps are just for you then! These are made for the adult men and women who want to date and chat and have fun! You can meet your potential sex partners through these amazing apps and sites!

No Time to Waste on Old Fashioned Dating

This is the 21st century! Live it like one! Everybody is moving at a frenzied pace! No-one has time to stop and find a life partner or a lover for themselves. Boring dating apps are in the past now. You can now start a romantic relation or a small affair with the dating services available on the internet nowadays, that too absolutely anonymously! These are quick and easy. You don’t have to register on the sites, no need to put up any personal information, you can use these unlimited. Also, since there are no useless advertisings, there are lesser chances of fakes. You are pretty much safe, hence. You can select the best subscription for you and use the adult dating app or the website without any restrictions.

Adult Dating and relationships

Related imageThere was a time when everything has boundaries to conquer us if you can’t reach people sitting abroad or know about them. But, with the invention of the internet, everything seems to be so much easier you can sit at home and can speak to the people with different cultures, likings, knowledge, etc. You can know about them, learn many things that you are not aware of yet, the exploration doesn’t have any ends. With these relationships, adult dating relationships has also plummeted. People meet on the internet, chat and discuss their strength, flaws and become close. There are many who ended up finding their Soulmates and are quite happy with them.


Dating is a step towards the serious relationships


Adults dating has been very much in discussions, as if how the people can know each other and is it necessary to date someone before getting married to them. Dating yes off course can change into making up a bond, but sometimes you can end up with the fake people as well.


So, if you are getting serious about the relationships so have searched about the people around residing or with the colleagues of your partner about their past lives as well. This is a necessary step otherwise in no time, you can fall prey to the wrong hands as well. This is the beauty of the internet that once the account is deleted you cannot chase the person as well, so do take care of these minute issues before you start dating someone through online resources. To research the background of your partner is necessary for all the relationships. Dating is common, but with the same, there is a lot of threat have also risen so before trusting anyone, do know the background, of the people and then go forward for building and nourishing your relationships.

Undoubtedly dating is the first step, but little precautions don’t cause any harm.


Flingbook- How is it different from other dating apps?

Related imageDating apps are not very helpful. Ask any adult between the age of 20 and 35 and they will tell you. Even so, these have become a common platform for people to meet new people and asking out on dates. This surely puts one in a tough position. Since everyone else is using an app, it is really hard to resist using them yourself! It is kind of a self-preserving cycle. Flingbook is one such dating app which is sure to bring something different and unique to the table! It is becoming popular day by day because of its various features which you may not find on other dating apps. Sure, there are chances you may come across some pornographic pictures or some complete losers on it, but if you’re really into the dating game and have been sober for a long time, this sure makes an interesting shot!

Features of Flingbook

First of all, you must be 18 years or above to have or open an account on Flingbook. This is an adult dating app. Once you have enabled this app, you can set up your profile, write some info about yourself and what you are looking for. Write about your interests and other details. Make sure you’re adding a good pic of yours as your display/profile pic because that is what is anyone is going to look at first. Rest of the info and details come later. As is said, the first impression is the last impression. You need to make sure you’re leaving a great impression on the opposite sex. You can also mention links to your facebook or your twitter accounts. Also, make sure you make the settings according to your preferences, be it your privacy setting or your other personal choices.